She dares to be free In a world teaching captivity She eclipses herself Breaking her mold Defying the expectation



If I had stopped If just for a moment To memorize every detail Would it hurt like this? Would I be able to reach back inside the memories And find comfort Be confident that you’d remain this close Even as the years pass, and I grow old If I had known our time was coming […]

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I think of you

I think of you Every time I drive past our favorite places I think of you Every time I smell blueberries I think of you Every time I see two friends hug I think of you Every time I hear certain songs I think of you You’ve changed me twice First when we met Young, […]

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See Me

Eyes hide the truth Years of torture Pain Regret All held together With bravery and grit In a world of shambles Demons, darkness Dont look too close You’ll see cracks in my foundation The voices trying to escape Fighting In direct coraliation Secrets buried Beneath smiles and white lies As to not spoil the grand […]

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I try to escape myself Pull away from the darkness The hatred, the rage Once separated I am but a shell A hollowed version of what was . . . . . Photo courtesy of Pinterest

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. My war is won Not with action but with voice Small kindnesses everyday Until victory is had And the reflection settles. . . Photo courtesy of Pinterest

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IWH Haiku 15

I build myself up Piece by piece I find myself One day I’ll be whole . . . Continue to give A small piece everyday Until I am gone . . . . . . Photo: JT Eberhard IWH Haiku/Senryu Challenge #15

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