Reach out.

Anyone who knows me, knows I have struggled with mental health most of my life. I have felt the deafening sounds of silence and felt the crushing weight of my own breath. There was a time I felt no way out. A time when the chants of my inner demons were louder than my reason or my light. Choices I made put me on a path of self destruction and harm. Those close to me could not understand why I felt that way. I couldn’t understand. I was lucky to be have found my way through, many are not. It is with those people my thoughts are with tonight.

Please if you feel lost, if you feel as if there is no way out; people are here. I am here. The unrest you feel, the weight of your thoughts, the burdens of your truths and the fear of being swallowed by your life can be temporary. Help is available. Reach out. Know you’re not alone.

The tale of loss is all to familiar. The pain of suicide brings no peace. It creates questions that can never be answered to the loved ones left behind. Life can be hard. Life is complicated and messy. However it can also be colorful and joyous. It can be invergaring and rewarding. It doesn’t have to be lonely or overwhelming there is support if you need. I am here.

A family I know is dealing with a such a loss. A man troubled to his breaking point. He did not see a way through only the end. I knew this man, I knew him as a boy. He was kind, respectful, thoughtful and humorous. He cared deeply for those around him and he loved and was loved in return. His passing leaves a hole in his family and amongst his friends. He will be missed. It is him I think of as I write this. If his story can save one life. If his end can teach us one thing; I hope it’s to be hopeful. Hopeful that even in the darkest of nights the sun will rise. It is with that sunrise a chance for healing.

May he rest in peace and may his family find strength and comfort in eachother and in his memories.

I have included a link for hotlines across Canada and the United States. If you need a help, someone to talk too or are just looking for more information hopefully this will help.

Stay Safe ❤

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