Been a minute

It’s been a minute since I have sat to pour my soul. So many skeletons let out and secrets spilt. It makes it difficult sometimes to write the next thing. In the rapidly changing times we are in globally we’ve never been so isolated while completely plugged in and acutely aware of what is happening.
It is in this moment I have to acknowledge that the demons I thought I had exorcised were merely laying dormant awaiting a time when they could reap the most havoc.
It is will all these moments of solitude and silence I have had to revisit many of these dark corners dust off the cobwebs and sit with myself.
I find myself reflecting on how my life has come to this moment. How all the parts of me the ones I love the ones I feel only shame for have managed to peaceful coexist for so long. I have embraced so much of the darkness yet struggle even still.
The information we are recieving is crippling positively. Everywhere we look, everything we read spells doomsday. The coming of the end of times or at least the end of times as we know. It’s our mental health I worry most about now as we have sat with this for a month even two. This seem to be leveling in so many places. The next chapter approaching.
In what has been overstated as the new normal I find myself constantly thinking about where we go from here. What will the next new normal look like. How long until we get there, will it be in this same solitude that we are in now.
Just the things I’m thinking about in this minute.