Weigh in

Weight is tricky.

It literally does what it says it does. It weighs on you. Weighs on your bones, your mind, your life, your soul.

The weight that is hardest to loose is the weight you can’t see. It is the plague that weighs you down. Dictating who you’ll be. It thinks it owns you. Shame, embarrassment, depression or anguish it is the currency, and it deals it out swiftly and without detection. Pretty soon your standing there barely able to move, trapped under the weight practically drowning you in yesterdays stopping you from reaching tomorrow.

Depression is like that for me. I get suck, maybe not in today but in something that has happened long ago, I carried it so long I just can’t move with it anymore. I need to set it down if only for a minute so I can move on. Nothing I do changes what happened or how it affected me. However setting it down, sharing helps it feel light enough to carry once more.

Demons, darkness, static, whatever you all it, it takes work to move on, leave what you cant carry bring with you what you can. Don’t let the weight of yesterdays ruin today.

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