Do you ever feel yourself slipping into the abyss. Drowning amongst your responsibilities? Do you ever feel all alone while standing in a crowd. Like you’re being weighed down by a neverending to-do list? Do you remember a time when being an adult is all you wanted, you counted down the seconds until you could make the decisions, do what you want. Do you remember when life seemed simple and happiness wasn’t something you chased but you owned proudly?

I am feeling exhausted lately. Wrapped up in making ends meet, forfilling a job description and not enjoying the ride. My work weeks stretch to the point I don’t have it in me to even write. Grabbing moments of silence and nothing as often as i can. Not to mention the steady flow of life that keeps coming my way. The pressure of trying to be able to do it all is drowning me.

No one told you that what you wanted so desperately would be the end of you. Responsibilities mounting and yet still the same amount of hours in a day. Where do you take from, relationships already suffering, the chores piling up, the bags under your eyes darken with a little more lack of sleep. All this and you’re still a week behind on this, and days behind on that. Ah the life of a hamster wheel; go go go and yet you’re in the same place. EXHAUSTING

I have no quit, I will go past the point of broken. Relentless in my fight. You think you wanted this for years, to be an adult, make it work. Go out there and Adult.

So I will see you tomorrow.

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