I have grown exhausted by our endless circle of frustration. You’re always right. I’m never wrong. Around we go. It is like we are stuck in a time loop, or on continuous repeat. Destined to make the same mistakes, slated for a certain fate. We boast about being equal, that we are better then most. Yet when they needed us the most we were too busy measuring our ideals with witty one liners and antidotes. They put their trust in us, believed we would not fail. Misguided. Disappointment all around, calling for answers, results. Promises kept, sacrifices made. They protest us now, calling for new, pointing out all our failures, none of our successes. How quickly they forget. How quickly they loose faith. We tried, maybe not always our best, but we tried. They think someone else can do it better, shows them our support. Knock on doors, nail in signs. Gearing up for the next round. Our time has come and went, we are but a speck in the changing landscape. The next group will right our wrongs, the people have spoken. For they are always right. They are never wrong.

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