Relationship Down





How did we end up here

Broken, bruised laying on the floor

Another night, another 10 rounds

Who knew forever ended tonight,

The slamming of doors, the shattering of glass

What love was here, gone at last.

Remnants of the people we were

We’re minds and souls that no longer fit,

We’re circle pieces not made for square holes

A love like ours really broke the mold

Yet here we are; you in your car, me in our bed

When the sun comes up and the anger clears

We will feast our eyes upon the battle, sift among the ashes

Lay claim to what is ours in the wreckage

Salvage what dignity there is left before separating

Prepare ourselves for the next war

3 thoughts on “Relationship Down

  1. This is a really well-written piece, Candice. The way you’ve used words to express the ideas is fascinating, the way you’ve used metaphors to depict emotions spellbinding.

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