What have I done…





Steady my breath

Ready take aim

Going to say all the things I need to say

Chest is heavy

Thoughts are skewed

I can’t make sense of what’s happening

Everything is turned about

Inside out and upside down

What have I done,

Can I undo it, take it back

Start anew, begin it fresh

The weight of yesterday’s

The damage of today

I want to save you from tomorrow

Clean the mess, it can’t be found

What have I done?

I thought this would help

Would make my peace

It was what I wanted

Instant regret

Add it to the list

I can’t believe this is happening

Rummaging through my mistakes

Trying to make sense of it all

If I could just turn back the clock

Begin today again

What have I done?

My heart is breaking

My soul shattered

Fighting to stay

Not ready to go

What have I done??

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