Now and Again

Every now and again

I think about you

I wonder if you’re happy

Pleased with how it all worked out

We parted ways, you never looked back

I eventually gave up the hope and continued forward

No broken hearts, only time well served

We were not meant for friendship

Lovers even less

I hope you’re as happy with her

As I with him

All these years later

I think of you

Now and again

3 thoughts on “Now and Again

  1. Do you feel that if you truly love someone you can never stop loving them, no matter what happens? Or can love die over time?
    I’ve often thought about it and would like to know what other people think about it. 🙂
    I don’t think it can vanish completely. Reduce considerably? Yes. Disappear? Maybe not.


    1. I believe that if you truly love someone. You’ll always love them. I believe being in love with someone and loving them however are different. You can’t share your soul with someone and not be forever touched by it. However true love. Unconditional, true love doesn’t happen often.

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