What is bravery?

Is it running towards danger, defending the masses. Is it allowing yourself to be vulnerable, being humble and helpful. Its is loud action or quiet movement. Are brave people always brave or only when needed. Is it inherited or a learned skill. Is bravery only for the strong, or does it display the weaker. Are you brave? Am I?

In this chaotic world we see women and men performing acts of bravery everyday. Acts, moments in a long line of life events where they stand up and are seen as elite and brave. Its first responders, mold breaking individuals, those trail blazers people. All brave. Mostly because they have to be, are paid to be. They stepped up when others did not. Laid ground work for the likes of myself perhaps for you.

Have you been called brave? Do you think or yourself as such?

I don’t. I am just me.

I try to live my life by a set of standards. I try to be honest even when it is hard, I try to be loyal even when tested. I try to be understanding and compassionate to everyone even when their opinions differ from my own. I try to be accepting even when I don’t understand where people are coming from. I try to be real, authentic and always true to myself, when if it makes me unpopular. I am protective and feisty, sarcastic and witty even when I don’t feel like laughing. I wake up everyday knowing I am far from perfect but if I live to these standards I go to bed nightly proud of who I have become. Brave maybe, maybe not, however I am too busy becoming a person I am proud of to worry about that.

3 thoughts on “Brave

  1. Bravery is just a quality. It cannot sum someone up, I believe.
    And bravery, for me, is not to never be scared but doing what needs to be done even when you’re scared shitless. Some of the things in your last paragraph fall in that category from time to time. 🙂😉

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