Does anyone else imagine horrific events happening to them as they are doing something.

Imagine their car going over a guardrail as they are on the exit ramp connecting to another road.

See their plane blow an engine, or something happen while in the air and they have to emergency land or they just crash.

Be attacked by a wild animal while out for a hike.

Get a sharp pain in their body and assume it’s fatal and they are living out their last days.

Or am I the only one??

When I was going to a psychologist to talk about my depression and anxiety he said it was because I had fooled myself into this state of appending doom. All I saw was the negative so that is all I focused on. Even when it wasn’t there.

I think I felt this way for most my life. That around every corner is another tragedy or that “appending doom”. Not that I go looking for it, just seems to find me. I laugh at it now. The girl that couldn’t catch a break became the woman built to survive.

Tragedy looks different on us all. Effects us different. Make believe and honest to goodness. It try’s us, tests us. Shows us how resilient we are, resourceful and strong. It gives us a chance to surprise ourselves or lean on those close to us. Tragically not all survive; those that do have victory scars.

The aforementioned “Appending doom” sometime rears its ugly head most the time it’s a smoke screen for a overactive imagination that likes to play in the dark.

I can’t be the only one.


3 thoughts on “Tragedy

  1. You’re not the only one, Candice. If it helps, the way I have dealt with it over the years is to just believe that just like having unpredictable dreams, we have unpredictable thoughts. They don’t in anyway mean we “are” those thoughts. Knowing that has helped me be less anxious.

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