I look down through the clouds

I see the snow covered tips of the Rockies

As far as my eyes can see a world of nothingness

Its uncomplicated beauty

A place to focus all the nervous energy

The angry doubts float into the ever passing clouds

I can breathe up here

Far away from the troubles of yesterday, or the worries of tomorrow

Centered and balanced

A calmness amongst the strangers

All wrapped up in their own thoughts and lives

They don’t even notice the clarity looming out their windows

Blinded by themselves, unaware of what lies ahead

I focus on my demons, dancing on the wings

Knowing their time is ending

Getting suffocated by the sun

Smiling to myself I take a final look around

The moments I had of clarity up among clouds

As descent starts and we break through the clouds

All the demons gasp for dirty air

And come flooding back home.

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