The pressure to be happy is exhausting

Society telling us it’s wrong to feel





We are supposed to be on all the time. Ready to laugh, smile, always be upbeat; positive.

They (whoever they are) create this mounting pressure to be at 100% every moment of every day.

Its exhausting.

However more than that its unrealistic. NOONE IS HAPPY ALL THE TIME. We as humans were given such an array of emotion, we are capable of feeling everything so deeply, so sincerely. It is unfair for the pressure or the expectation that we only feel so little of our potential.

Think about it, if you do not allow yourself to feel the lows, the losses, the hardships how are you going to appreciate the highs, the wins, the successes? “They”, you cannot expect yourself too. We have this arsenal of emotion it fuels us, propels us forward. I know for myself, I have been pretty low afraid of never seeing the light, and through determination, grit and stubbornness I pushed on. Had I not allowed myself the time in the trenches I would not value or be happy for all I have earned and have. I can’t be alone in this.

I understand the desire to be happy. This this the feeling of normality. Happy is the north star of all emotions. It’s what we all are taught to strive for. We equate happiness with all things good. Success, love and good fortune.

However let’s imagine just for a minute, that society said “Okay, no judgement. Just feel.” What would you do? How would you react?

All of your emotions validated, that validation and understanding might just might bring fulfillment and if fulfilled could you not be…


Worth a thought I would think.

One thought on “Happy?

  1. Long time listener, first time caller. I really like this post. kurt vonnegut once talked about graphing “happyness” in Disney movies and how you can’t apply this graph to real life. My belief is Disney was teaching kids incorrectly how to assimilate these happy/sad feelings and there’s a whole generation that don’t know how to feel or don’t know what to.expect from their feelings.


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