International Women’s day

What an exciting time to be a female.

Its International Women’s day. I mean one whole day where everyone celebrates women. Memes flood social media (I did it) a shootout given to those women in our lives that inspire us, give us strength, raise us (shout out to my mom, sister and closest ‘gal pals’). A day where we acknowledge women for the kick ass humans they are. Commercials, political propaganda, pictures, tributes, shout outs and self revelations. Its celebrated in countries around the world. It is a well deserved wonderful day.

This years theme of International Women’s day is #BalanceforBetter. This campaign brings awareness year round to bring gender balance to all areas, professions and specialized fields.

While I am a huge supporter of this day and all it recognizes and celebrates. I am an even bigger supporter of celebrating and recognizing all humans everyday, for all their successes regardless of how small. I believe it is the most important ingredient for moving forward and growth. We mustn’t leave anyone behind.

To everyone who acknowledges today as such. Happy International Women’s day. I stand with you all today and everyday. Never be afraid to stand up for yourself and all you care about. The power to change the world is in us we just need to get out of out way and work together to create balance…

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