Every morning I awake

Ready to do something miraculous

Be someone spectacular

Rise above my medrioty

Set forth by my choices yesterday

Do better

Be better



I will stand for something

Fall for nothing

Be righteous

Be courageous

Stand with my conviction

Be humble

Be gracious

I will plant seeds of hope

Be grateful

Be inspired

A mission I have made for myself

To combat all that wrongs I have done

The wrongs I see daily

Leave this place better than

My mark of greatness

On my small corner of life

I awake each day with this mission

This task

This goal

Move up, not over

Be seen

Be heard

I wake to be my best

Be a warrior

Be a survivor

Be myself

The best way I can

Be true

Be real

Unapologetic for the space I take up

I lay my head down each night

Proud of my fight

My progress

My eyes close, thoughts of tomorrow in my mind

New victories to come








Photo credit: Pinterest

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