When I started this blog, I wanted to express my thoughts, opinions, poetry and anything else I saw fit to write about. I came at this somewhat therapeutically, mixed with creativity and always honest.

I have been writing for the better part of 20 years, poetry, short stories, I have even attempted a novel or 2. I write to provoke feeling and thought, start conversations on somethings that many find uncomfortable. Finally because I like too.

Over the last couple months, a few people have told me that my words mean something to them. Have inspired them, have made them laugh, think, and have thanked me for my stories, words and verses. I have a friend who uses a poem for her phone wallpaper, I have had a friend quote me to me and my partner has decided to have one of my haikus tattooed on his arm. I am beyond flattered that this is happening. If you had asked a younger version of me if I would open up and allow my most inner thoughts out for those close to me and complete strangers to read I would have laughed in your face.

Yet here we are.

My dark, my light and shades in between are out. It has helped me close some doors, open some windows and find peace in things I often carried alone and for far too long.

I have said so much in the last 9 months and I have so much more to say. I can’t promise much but I can say without doubt or shame; whatever I say will be authentic and honest. Here’s hoping you’ve come to expect nothing less.

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