We Marched

Yesterday we marched.

I live in a great country, surrounded by great people both women and men. The leader of my country is a self proclaimed Feminist. I live in a house of equals, grew up in a house where the partnership was equal. I do not feel oppressed, or marginalized in my daily life by those close to me. I use my right to vote, speak my mind and advocate for others without fear of persecution for doing so. Yet I marched.


Because I like all those things. I like being able to exercise my rights and finally because we don’t rest until EVERYONE has those rights and feels the same joy of being allowed to be themselves without fear. Our voices can make a difference and in history they have made a difference.

This year, this March, it was different for me. Not only did my partner brave the January air, my sister and her daughter joined us. It was a proud moment for me to share in this with my sister and niece. Watching my niece get excited and take is in brought me this new sense of hope. I long for the days when the need for such action is obselte but until such I hope people turn to these things.

I have tried not be push my opinions as a feminist or otherwise. It’s not my place to force my beliefs and ideals onto you. I do however encourage people to get informed. Find their voice among everything and everyone, and stay true to it. Different or not.

Standing outside City Hall yesterday looking around at the group standing there along side, it was diverse, it was proud, it was inclusive, welcoming and peacefully angry for change. The speakers spoke at length above your feminism didn’t have room for certain marginalized group then it was not inclusive enough of Intersectional. They spoke about using the power of not only your voice but of your vote. That you take time to learn from others group in your prospective and raise awareness in our communities. The group I stood with didn’t want more or less it wants equal and has had enough of people believing because some work was done people think the job is complete.

I want to urge everyone this coming year to learn, to grow and to listen. Most of all I urge the continued reluctance to accept the things you cannot change and change the things you cannot accept.

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