She laughs to fill the uncomfortable silence

Desperate for this night to end

She fidgets with her napkin glancing towards the door

She hope’s he feels this too so she doesn’t have to lie

Make an excuse, to part ways

She wished she’d just said no to this set up

She’s drawn back to the man across from her as he asks if she wants to get out of there

Maybe to quickly she nods, standing up.

“Where too next” he asks as as passes him, he slides his hand onto the small of her back

Insert lie; “I’m really quite tired,” she says “I might just call it a night”.

“That’s perfect” he responds, “your place or mine?”

She is silent as they make their way to the street, his hand guiding her towards the car

“I work early tomorrow I meant alone” she says firmly breaking from his grip.

“But I am having a good time he says, I bought dinner and the wine. I thought we would head back to your house and have a night cap.”

“No thank you” says she, opening her purse “you have the wrong idea, here, how much do I owe you for dinner?”

“A kiss and we can call it even” he smiles leaning in.

“That’s ok I have cash”. She fires back slamming cash into his chest.

Before he could give it a second thought , she spins on her heels and makes her way down the street.

Getting lost in the crowd.

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