Not Today

I happened to be at the place where we met today.

My mind was not consumed by the memory of you

In fact you were nothing but a passing thought as I drove from the building

I reflected on what this meant

Was I really over you? The events of our time together?

Or had enough time passed and I was not controlled by those memories

Nightmares have subsided

Trust has began to reform

I no longer see only the worst in people

I even smile from the soul sometimes.

Whatever power was there

I seem to have it back now

As I sit here writing new thoughts come to mind

Did you ever revisit the scene of the crime?

Wonder what it all meant?

Did you ever fear for your end as I had mine?

Wished for it even?

Question is do I even care what you think.

Absolutely not , you’re irrelevant to me now

No long allow myself to be define by you or your actions.

At least not today.

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