Sitting alone in the waiting room

Her hands folded on her knee

Here to hear the results of a test she didn’t want to take

At a clinic she didn’t wanted nothing to do with

She waits

She watches the seconds tick away on her watch

Looking up at the clock on the clinic wall to make sure her watch wasn’t wrong

She finds herself gazing out the window debating just walking out

Deciding to stay, she looks quickly at the nurse before back down to her hands

She waits

Time keeps moving

She feels anger bubbling beneath the surface

Why her, why had she not have been more careful, hadn’t ignored the signs

Her life changed

She waits

What seems like an eternity

She waits

Finally a little old women with white in her hair comes around the corner

Looks her in the eye, with a warm smile says, “the dr will see you now”

She stands

Takes a deep breath, waits over

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