My friend

Since your passing

I see you everywhere

My friend, my confidant

I miss the late night calls

The coffee dates

A void was left

No drink nor drug can fill

Everything off balance

There is a loud silence I can’t drown out

I miss you

Since your passing

I look for you in moments

My friend, my confidant

The guilt and regret eat at me

Pushing me further down this rabbit hole

I am almost unrecognizable to myself

I fight to see her everyday

I miss me

Since your passing

I feel you guiding me

Pushing me forward when all I see is back

Saving me again, and again

The people closest to me unaware of how far I fell

Your voice ringing in my ears


I miss you

My friend, my confidant

Since your passing

I still talk to you everyday

I miss you

My friend, my confidant

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