Day of the….


It’s the Day of the Girl.

What exactly is that? What does it even mean?

In 2018 Plan International Canada has marked October 11 is asking its girls to defy normal. It’s the thought that normal is girls being denied equality. They are encouraging the celebration of girls that dare to be Defiant Girls and everyday fight for the girls rights and gender equality.

Let’s think about that a second. That is saying to go against the grain, go for least normal, to defy is to stand AGAINST injustice. What kind of messed up thinking is this even more disturbing is that its true.

Even today in a time when most of the world knows better we still have so many falling between the cracks. It’s a war I wonder how long it will take to win.

It’s not just girls under attack its minorities, transgendered, it’s religion it’s politics. It’s anything or anyone that doesn’t share the same view of the few. The power, the elected official that the last time I checked we the majority put there. Ironic really.

A broken system for a broken time.

There are people out there that are on the ground, working towards change. Organizations raising awareness, money, giving funding for smaller groups to make change. Grassroots, Frontline everyday Heroes. Refusing to be “normal” “daring to defy”. These people are the ones that are going to be about change. It probably will be messy, it probably will so hard they (we) will want to quit, tuck tails and go, but they won’t. We will keep enduring keep pushing, rebelling because it’s a worthwhile fight and every fight worth fighting will take all we have, it will ask more of us than it should but will do it anyway. And we the broken down, and bruised will rise like every good warrior; victorious.

There is a place for complete equality, there is a time all hate to die, there is a moment that will bring enough knowledge for all.

It’s now.

It’s today.

Not because its day of the girl, it’s because it’s right. It’s because it time.

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