Being Thanksgiving today I find myself thankful for so many things. In today’s hostile environment with tense relations it’s more important than ever before.

I am of course thankful for my family. I have fantastic parents that have never held me back and always allowed me to be who I am with no judgements. A partner that is accepting of me and encouraging in whatever I try, he gives me the space I need to be all I am and never tries to change or tell me otherwise. I have a sister and brother-in-law that are happy, kind and loving. A niece that makes me want to make the world a better place so she will never know the same hurts as my generation. Other friends and family I am thankful for, bright spots in a sometimes dark world. However this year I am grateful and thankful for so much more.

My voice… I am thankful I live in a country that allows me to use it for sticking up for myself. It also allows me to also speak my truth and stand up for injustices. My voice allows me to share my opinions and debate points of view. I read the news lately listen to what is happening around the world and I am thankful my voice has not been ignored by my government as a survivor.

I am thankful for living in a country where all my neighbors are welcome and not threatened by those “running’ it. I am thankful that in my country there are protests and hate gatherings plastered all over the news. My country is inclusive and you have been able to love and marry whoever you want since 2005 (Canada was the first country to legalize gay marriage outside Europe). It’s also a country where you don’t have to pay out of pocket for healthcare. This country allows for the freedoms it intitles to be enjoyed by it’s citizens.

I am thankful that I have the ability and the platform to express myself both creatively and freely without fear. I don’t just mean with the blog, I am thankful for being able to do it daily, surrounded by those closest to me, with my voice, in a country that is welcoming.

I am thankful that I am who I have become. It was a long road and it will continue to always be a struggle but here I am. There have been bumps in my road much like many roads, however nothing hard enough or keep me down. I am thankful for the inner strength I have found through the years it has not always been easy, there have been times when I wanted to lay down and give but. However I am most thankful I didn’t.

I believe you should always be thankful, humble and grateful for all you have and with each passing day, I become more so.

Happy Thanksgiving


2 thoughts on “Thankful

  1. I am thankful for you, your friendship, your strength, your passion, your support but most of all for your love. I am grateful everyday for all your words that give me hope for a better tomorrow. Love you more than words can express. ❤️

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