Giving my head a shake

News flash…..

It’s 2018…..

I needed to pretext this post with the date because I can not believe what is coming after.

I have a necklace, on the pendant it says Feminist. At work today someone (a woman I work with) asked me what it said. So I said “Feminist” she said “that’s what I thought, so that must mean you are a lesbian too then huh.?”. I was shocked… Dumfounded literally flabbergasted. Before I realized what was coming from my mouth I said: I said “why do you want to date me.?” She looked at me probably that same way I was looking at her, I continued with. “Just because I identify as a feminist does not mean I identify as a lesbian. It means I believe that everyone deserves to be EQUAL.” Then this woman, said ” yes but feminists hate men how can you be straight.”

I need to pause from this story to remind myself and inform you all that this woman is 100% serious.

I say to her “that is small thinking, as well as uninformed. Feminism isn’t about hating, and thinking it is is kinda sad.”

I couldn’t bring myself to have this conversation with her aside from the fact she didn’t seem receptive to it anyway.

I understand that not everyone is a feminist, and many don’t see a need for it anymore or ever for that matter. However I am not one. It’s Feminism that gave me an outlet for the thoughts of frustration I had towards the attitudes of some systems and their breakdowns. To me it only makes sense that everyone should be born equal and treated as such, because they are human and no other reason should matter. I don’t like that there is this stigma that comes with feminism. It is one that has I assume always been there and will be there long after I am done writing this.

It’s because of this stigma there is still a need for feminism and all of it’s principles. In today’s climate it’s more pressing then any moment in my lifetime women ban together and bring forth a change, before someone makes one for them and send us back to where the fight started.

Back to this woman at work. She was later complaining about cramps, and wished she could just have a hysterectomy but was tired of being told no when it came to her body. So I of course had to chime in…

“Hmm if only there was a group of people fighting for a women’s rights to choose… ” She agreed.

Funny how that works.

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