No matter how far I come

Self doubt gets me down

Not being good enough

No matter how hard I try

It’s too hard

It gets the best of me

Why even bother

Save myself on disappointment

Give up on it

Before it gives up on me

Why am I not good enough?

As I grow

I’m not outgrowing

The negative that keeps me down

Stops me from reaching further

Believing deeper


Why can’t I grow to my full potential

The weight that hold me down

The voice inside my head

Stopping me

Self doubt

Always gets the best of me

4 thoughts on “Doubt

  1. I am happy, no overjoyed.. to remind you what a world class human being you are! Our thoughts become our reality and I fight daily against the negativity in my mind. You are truly amazing and beloved by many!


  2. Please tell that voice in your head to sit down and shut up. I’ve only been reading your work for a short period of time but I do very much enjoy it. And I look forward to it at the beginning of my week. ((hugs))

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