Our story is coming to an end

We have no more words to share

No more sick justifications as to why

We have cut out loses

Patched up all battle wounds fresh and newly scarred

Conceded, mutual white flags.

I am tired of being consumed with the hate you invoke

You’re tired of being suffocated by my temper and strength

I am ready for daybreak

You are ready for the next chapter

I laugh as you leave, wondering why it took so long

You don’t even look back in the rear view

I’ve already closed the door

A deep sigh

An emerging smile

A calmness I have longed for

I stand amongst our lingering chaos holding a torch

No further setbacks, no hesitation

There will never again be a compromise when it comes to my character

The sacrifice will not come at the cost of my values

My integrity intact

I am ready of tomorrow

I will start today.




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