Drama Drama Drama

Why is it for some high school antics are never far away? Some people are all too happy to open their mouths and talk sh*t about other people. What gives them the right to make someone else feel small or less than. I can’t stand it! It makes me angry the lack of common decency and respect there actually is in some places.  Something needs to cave and good – needs to make a comeback before all hope is gone.

Okay so I suppose the above is a little dramatic, however at times it feels like that. Just because someone isn’t how you want them to be or act the way you want doesn’t give you the right to talk about them, make them the butt of your joke or disrespect them.  There is this person, to say at times they are difficult is fair. To say that the desired behavior you want from them is sub par is also fair. To pick on this person, for ANY reason is absolutely unfair.  Yet here I am (and I am not alone) angry at the behavior of a few against 1.  When did the few start thinking it was ok to make the 1 feel uncomfortable and unwelcome?  I can not express how much this baffles me.  We as people should know better by now.  We should have evolved past this behaviour.

As a reformed bully I look back at the things I did as a teenager and am disgusted in myself.  I was horrible to many people, in fact most of my prom I just went around and apologized to people for how I treated them.  I treated others poorly to hide how miserable I was, but I grew up and outgrew putting people down.  I find it sad that there are people out there that never grow out of this phase.  Years after puberty and hormones settle they are still out being part of the problem.

This bullying behaviour is everywhere it seems these days.  Turn on the news… you see it, walk down the street, you hear it.  There are some people who aren’t happy unless they are making other people miserable. I was told that respect wasn’t given it was earned, and the attitudes of people like that don’t have or ever will have mine.

It is hard to hold my tongue I have become protective of those close to me, those I care about, my family, my inner circle.  I think I have become this way over time because of how I acted when I was younger. I don’t want anyone close to me feeling the way I made people feel or be treated the way I treated others.  I worked very hard on myself and went to dark places of my psyche to work on the parts I didn’t like, to emerge as someone I can respect, and will be able to earn the respect of others, I feel that if I can do this then why does it seem to difficult for others to just shut up and let people be?

This Drama of always having to have your hand in the pot, spout lies about others, spread hate, and be just plain awful is no way to live I feel sad for these people they will never form real relationships, Or ever be truly happy with themselves.  They will continue to exist in a vicious circle going around being pathetic human beings.

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