Your Beauty

Sometimes I can’t help but stare at your beauty

Your features take my breath away

The glow that radiates from you

I am simply awestruck

I wonder if we are at all alike

How could we ever be the same

Have you gone a day thinking the things I do

About me

About you too

Your beauty scares me some

To see perfection up close

It’s hard to look you in the eye

But yet so many can’t turn away

You are like an eclipse

Do you know that you have

Are you wasting it on someone

Like me

Like you too

Is it hard to live as you

Never allowed to slip

The poise you have

I fear no one can live up too

How can we be the same?

I guess we can’t

Your features, your mannerisms a class of your own

If there was ever someone I wanted to be

Your unattainable beauty

Is what I would choose

Your airbrushed perfection

Is what I long for, what I crave

The covers of the magazines

Are my guides driving me to you

Your beauty unmatched in everything you try

I wish you would notice me

Love me

Love you too

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