Do you have it?

Do you say what you mean but more importantly mean what you say?

Do you practice what you preach, or just preach action with no follow through?

Does your character matter to you? Do people matter? Are you doing your best to own yourself and live without excuses?

Do you put your actions where your mouth is and live with good intentions?

In a world filled with people only trying to get ahead and companies goal of making it rich are you one of the people only out to make a buck or do you care about where your products are coming from?

Are you humble enough to admit fault, be corrected and take responsibility for your wrong doings or do you have too much pride to care?

Are you the same person in public that you are when you are alone or when no one is watching?

In the age of social media when everything we say and do can be recorded, would you be happy with what you saw?


Do you have it?

These are the kinds of things I find myself thinking more about these days. What am I putting out into the universe? Not so much others opinions of me but my opinion of myself. There are so many people just trying to get ahead with no purpose, I want to have a purpose and get ahead. Every obstacle every deterrent made every small feat that much more rewarding, yet as time passes we forget that and come to expect things as if we are entitled to them simply because. Hard work and dedication becomes second to flying under the radar and luck. The best qualified looses out because they won’t play politics. Today so many are for sale instead of being priceless. It’s sad to think of all the lessons we have learnt, how easy it is for us to toss them aside for a chance of glory.

Like I said these are the things I think of these days. When all is said and done what kind of person am I?

What kind of person are you?

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