Beauty in the Faults

Who is to say what beauty truly is? Why was it decided that there are so few forms of beauty. That we change and morph ourselves into someone’s ideals of beauty many of us forgetting ourselves in the process.

I was with a friend today, we talked about beauty and it’s standards relating to our faults. We have them. We ALL have them. To think we don’t is a fault. However it is in the fault we see some say is where the beauty lies. We have such trouble accepting and welcoming these forms of beauty there is a vast majority of the people walking around feeling as if they don’t fit in. That they are merely average instead of extraordinary. Lots of things we do feed this mentality directly or indirectly.  So many chase the beauty we see on mainstream media it consumes them and it sadly destroys some.  Faults we were saying is what makes many of us unique, and it’s the uniqueness that strikes up conversation, its the imperfections that we hate that lots of people find beauty in it.

We need to get to a place that where all shapes, sizes, colors and styles and have a place in the beauty realm for everyone.  Also isn’t the idea of beauty really in the eye of the beholder.  What I find beautiful or desirable is not what you might like.  Which one of us is right? Wrong?  More importantly does it matter?? If I am happy not hurting anyone,  and you are happy not hurting anyone can’t we just be?  I hope for a day where you see all ideas of beauty everywhere.  Where main media visuals are not Photoshopped or altered in any way so young eyes don’t think that they are not enough.  If you are happy and love yourself that is enough, shouldn’t it be enough?

There is this documentary Missrepresentation it is on Netflix, I recommend it,  It is a few years old however it talks in-depth about Women in the media in all its forms.  It is very insightful and informative.  I have watched it a couple of times and in university wrote a paper based on its ideas.  It is definitely worth a watch.

After my conversation with my friend I am left wondering if the views of these ideas will ever change.  The needle has been moved however the scale is still so skewed that we are running to catch up to something that we will never have and running away from ourselves and the beauty we already possess.  All of us.  If you can’t see it, I guarantee you someone close to know sees how beautiful you are, always unfiltered and raw.

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