Okay :)

Since I wrote the piece on Norby. I have had a few people as me if it was hard to talk about or if I was ok because I wrote it.

I thought I would take a few moments and write about that.

When I started writing as I have been saying my goal was to write about this has that made people think. Maybe even a little uncomfortable because I think it is in those moments we grow and surprise ourselves. I felt ashamed for a period of time after him. I would be lying if I said I didn’t. However I know that I am not the only person to have experienced this and I also know there are others with far more dangerous situations then my own. That being said in today’s climate I think it’s the exact time to talk about a lot of these issues. Women and men all over the world are standing up and saying that enough is enough. Sexual assault or harassment has been going on far too long, and as hopeful as I am that one day they will seize to exist I am under no illusions that that is an unlikely scenario. However what is plausible, a world free of victim shaming, or blaming. A world that believes the accuser and all accused that are found guilty or plead guilty are given more than a slap on the wrist. I shared my story so hopefully someone else out there felt like they could share theirs I want to take the shame out of it. I did nothing wrong, and I should not feel responsible or ashamed
Another reason I want to do my part in this fight is for the next generation of females. They have things to contend with that I never did, we are in the digital era. Girls like my niece. I want them to know that if the are assaulted or harassed (and I hope they aren’t) they know they are surrounded by people who care for them and would never blame or shame them. I want them to know it’s safe to take a stand against the person that made you feel uncomfortable and that the law is on their side. So many of us have been failed by the system I never want them to know that failure.

As for the ok part…

I am ok. I am stronger then the things that tried to keep me down as so many of us are. Norby was not strong enough to break me, knock me down, sure, but break, not on his best day. So ya, I’m ok.

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