Denied for What?

Imagine for a second, you are trying to gain asylum in a new country not just for you but for your unborn child.  You reach the border, only to be apprehended and detailed by border control.  You are shackled around your stomach, hands and feet.  Can you imagine, the stress, the fear, and uncertainty.  Imagine this new-found hell, and you thought you were coming somewhere better…..

I was reading Jezebel (a blog geared towards women created by Gawker Media) today, as I do at least twice a week and I came across an article that has left me angry and heartbroken for the people of the United States.  The post was called “CBP and ICE Officials Are Shackling Pregnant Women, Deny Them Care When They Miscarry”  If the title already hasn’t made you cringe I am sorry but there must be something wrong with you.  Even if you are ok with that is happening in the US right now NO ONE should be okay with pregnant women literally being shackled and denied medical attention.

To summarize that disgusting details of this according to BuzzFeed News  there are stories of women being detailed and suffering miscarriages.  They were denied medical attention and left to themselves.  One women said she was forced to wait 2 weeks….Yup 14 days to see a medical professional.  She is quoted in the article as saying ” An official arrived and they said it was not a hospital and they weren’t doctors.  They wouldn’t look after me.”

I am horrified that stuff like this is happening and so close to home.  How do the people responsible sleep at night.  Is is not a basic human right to be treated like a HUMAN?  I do not believe that everyone who wants to immigrate to a country should be able to walk right in, however I do believe that detaining them like animals is all kinds of wrong.  Yet this jaw dropping head shaking I can not believe this is happening types of behaviors seem to be becoming the norm in the headlines.  How did we even get to this place.  How did the people allow it to get to this.

I wrote a couple of weeks back I wrote something called the Power of the People, in it I talked about the Immigration Policy and what is happening in the US right now.  The separations of families is another tactic being used, by an inexperienced administration trying to make good on campaign promises.    It is gut wrenching and I hope tha a solution and end to such cruelty comes quickly. Peoples lives literally depend on it.



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