Tonight I came home,  sat down looked on the internet machine for some inspiration for tonight’s post and……..


I can not think of something interesting or engaging to write about.  I have been sitting with the laptop, feet up, beverage beside me and still just surfing the web looking for something to jump out and me and say WRITE……..


I have however watched some YouTube, looked at Instagram, found some great quotes on Pinterest and complained and sighed for 3 hours about not knowing what to write about.  I hope you all hear the profanity that is happening inside my head right now (okay, okay out loud shaking a fist at the screen as well, don’t judge the struggle is real).

Well since I can think of nothing to write about I will leave you all with this….


Screen Shot 2018-07-08 at 8.16.15 PM


Also, Writers Block Sucks…..



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