Inspiration where you least expect it

Inspiration can hit you anywhere, and you can be inspired by anything. That is a beautiful thought because in turn, you can bring inspiration at any moment to anyone. Just like that in a blink of an eye you could have inspired greatness.

I have many sources of inspiration in my everyday life. The things that inspire me are not always driven by goodness. Sometimes from dark comes the brightest light.

I have spoken about my darkness, read some of my poetry it’s not that big of secret but it’s with this darkness I am inspired to be better. To be great.

Along time ago, I thought the darkness was going to win. I thought it had snuffed out all my good. I had as they say cashed in and was ready to check out. Dark… Lonely… Cold… Uninspired… I prayed for the end, I craved it, and it didn’t come. I was disappointed, angry, but my interest was peaked, why not me.

So I started to look, and what I found was inspiring. It was my life. It was an ordinary run of the mill life, but it had so much love in it. Maybe it was always there and I was seeing it for the first time or maybe it was new either way, inspired.

I began to come alive, it was nice not to be dark, lonely or cold all the time. I began to see how exhausted I was from carrying around all the bad and the good was getting harder to ignore. So I welcomed some of it in, it got easier over time, but my life became lighter. I could quiet the dark long enough not to get swallowed by it and I surrounded myself with good people who unbeknownst to them were going these things that made me want to go on, try, to live in the light.

I all these years later still have dark, I honestly find some comfort in it sometimes. It reminds me how far I have come, and how easy it is to go backwards. My darkness scares people I think it makes them uneasy at times. It shouldn’t, I have to much to loose to lay down and surrender. I have worked hard, for my life, I have things that should have never happened but we all do. It is with that and so much more I push on…

Hoping to inspire.

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