Power of the People

Reading the news today I read about the marches happening around the U.S. protesting Trump’s immigration laws. This made me grateful that I live in a country like Canada, where equality and inclusiveness are still alive and well and we are not our protesting our freedoms or another order put through by someone with his best interests in heart not the interests of everyone.

There have been many marches this year that have caused me mixed feelings. The Women’s March, the March for Our Lives and then today the March to Keep Families together baffles me. I don’t understand how in 2018 these things are still even issues to supposedly one the strongest most advanced nations in the world. Yet there they are still marching, and here we are still talking about this stuff.

I want to talk a bit about why the march today.  In April, the US announced a zero-tolerance on immigration and stated that EVERY case brought to them would be prosecuted. Even those seeking asylum would be subject to this new policy.  So fast forward and here we are, children are not allowed to be detained in federal jail, so they have been placed in the care of the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR).  The children are being kept at separation detention camps, awaiting there families fate.  My heart breaks for all the families, it is never okay to knowingly separate children and parents, I don’t care the reason.

Here in Canada there were smaller demonstrations today showing our support for our neighbors reminding them, that we stand with them against human injustice.  Treating people with decency and well better than caged animals should be something everyone  stands against.

Anyway so that is happening, and the people… Well the compassionate and caring citizens of the US are not standing for it.  Across their country today streets were flooded with marchers of all ages toting signs that read things like “Families Belong Together”,  “I Really Do Care!”, ” Kids of all Ages Should not be in Cages!” They marched, determined to rise above all the BS.  They marched in spite of the extreme warm weather in some areas.  They marched in the face of the fact they are left to march and protest the ludicrous nature of some people.  IT’S 2018!  It speaks to the majority of the people when they stand up for injustice and for people they have never met.  They stand united in the fight that they are better than the sum of the small minds of a few.  They say the power of the people is well powerful; and in today’s world the people are angry and they are taking it to the street.  I do hope for our friends south of the border, they take their fight to the polls as well.



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