I try to surround myself with people who inspire me whether the inspiration is big or small each person in some way brings this to me. It’s my power circle.

There is a person in my power circle that closed a chapter in her life, it was a hard chapter. It was one of loss and heartbreak but she faced it and moved on with courage and class. We got together today and she told me about her process of closure. As she spoke she had this light and glow about her. It was an energy I had never seen from her. Even if the strong showing was for my benefit that was something she could not fake. It was inspiring.

We have all experienced loss in one way or another. It effects us all differently, there is no right way to mourn, or deal with heartbreak. The loss I am hung up on is not one I am ready to share in depth yet, in fact I barely speak of it and when I do uneasy looks I get. I will write about it, but for today I want you talk about generic loss. Having to go on with something missing can messy. It can get you down for years. It can change you, define you, loss can make you question yourself, feel things you never wanted to feel. I will be honest in a weird way, I find comfort in my losses, it reminds me of times had, where memories were created.

So my friend… She has me thinking, maybe it’s time to start on the road to closure. Based on what I know of her journey it won’t be easy, but seeing her today there is light on the other side and she is radiant.

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