Alone to Die

This is the end
No more page to write
Finally giving up
I’m going to lose this fight
The anger inside
Makes it hard to deal
Sometimes I wish that I could not feel
No one to say good-bye too
No one to miss
No final dinner,
No one last kiss
I close my eyes
I start to pray
Remembering now that happy day
You looked so good walking down the aisle
In it for the long run
Mile after mile
As time grew on
As years pasted by
The love we shared started to die
It aged and withered it fell to the floor
Alone here I sit as death knocks on my door
When times got tough
You started to run
Where ever you are
I hope you are having fun
If bad things happen to good people
I’m one of the best
As seconds tick by something grows in my chest
I can’t help but wonder as time passes by
No heaven or hell
No good way to die
My breath getting shorter
The page wears thin
One life end
One life begins
No one to call
No one to write
Give up trying
It is a pointless fight
I close my eyes start to dream
This is it I’m about to die
Wish you were here to say good-bye
The last line has been written
Final words have been said
In just mere seconds I’ll be dead
No tears will be shed about my death
I close my eyes
Take a breath
I continue to cry
You left me here
Alone to die

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