An insight for things to come

I have always written, it has been a way for me to let the “darkness” out.  For as long as I can remember I have been guarded, I do not trust easily.  For those who know me, I mean really know me all the dark and light parts of me know I do nothing on a whim;  I have thought about starting a blog for years.  Like so many I have so much I want to say and what better way to reach “the people” then a blog.  With that being said let the passionate project commence.

Sacred Venus is going to be my way to invoke thought, inspire change.  I plan on using this platform to not only share my writing, but to share information about things that mean a lot to me.  I want to bring awareness to Women’s health, reproductive rights, social injustices and maybe by doing this I can spread some good as well.  Sacred Venus will be a site that will talk about a vast amount of issues both personal and cultural I hope it stirs up something in all its readers and inspire them to follow their truths and live out their dreams even if on a small stage.

Finally on Sacred Venus I will not apologize for being strong minded, opinionated, outspoken and true to myself and my beliefs as I would never ask this of someone else.


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